The Heritage Group has been established to:

  • work with a limited number of Canadian families to identify the true wealth of each family,

  • work with those families to capture and adopt a family philosophy and plan that will be adapted with and for successive generations,

  • effectively address the complex set of human issues involved in the inter-generational transfer of true wealth,

  • effectively provide an integrated approach to true wealth management and succession planning, and

  • deal effectively and fairly with members of different generations.

THE HERITAGE GROUP believes that the true wealth of a family is far more than financial assets. True wealth extends to and includes the values, knowledge and relationships - wealth in the broadest sense - of the family. In most successful families, these latter attributes created an environment that permitted the growth of capital, fostered successful business ventures and enabled the principals of the family to create what we commonly refer to as “wealth”.

Too often financial and estate plans focus solely on the management and devolution of financial assets, with little regard to assessing the complex human relationships involved in creating, managing, maintaining and growing the true wealth of the family. The Heritage Group believes that, in part, an exclusively financial focus is a contributor to the historic failure of many Canadian enterprises to survive inter-generational transfers.

While financial assets bring privilege, opportunity, choice and freedom, they also bring responsibility, challenge, complexity, and the need for perseverance. Successive generations must be prepared to assume the responsibilities that go with the privileges.

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